Snozzberry White Grape Snozz Salt

Snozzberry White Grape Snozz Salt


Step into a world of pure imagination with SNOZZBERRY SALT E-LIQUIDS, where every puff whisks you away to a land of exotic berries and delightful twists. Crafted with top-quality ingredients, SNOZZBERRY SALT guarantees a smooth, flavourful, and satisfying vaping experience from your first fill to your last.

Each unique SNOZZBERRY blend is a symphony of juicy, mysterious berries with an irresistible twist, making every puff an enchanting escape. Surrender to the allure of WHITE GRAPE SNOZZ BY SNOZZBERRY SALT, a delightful fusion of crisp white grape and exotic berries. Each puff is a symphony of refreshing grape notes harmonizing with the mysterious allure of exotic berries, creating a truly enchanting vaping experience. 

Perfect for vapers who seek the extraordinary, dive into the magical world of SNOZZBERRY SALT and discover the joy of exotic berries like never before. 

Flavour Notes:

  • White Grape
  • Exotic Berries

Snozzberry Salt is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank systems. Snozzberry Salt E-Liquid is intended for small pod systems. 

50% VG 50% PG