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Let's get the facts sraight

There's been a swarm of articles recently with provocative headlines suggesting that vaping is causing hospitalizations and worse.

What these headlines don't mention is that when they say vaping they mean using illegal THC cartomizers, rather than the nicotine eliquid vapourizers far more commonly associated with vaping. Because of this lack of distinction the entire vaping industry has come under attack with calls for eliquid flavour bans and more, both in the United States where these incidents took place as well as here in Canada. As the full story comes to light it becomes clear that these injuries are entirely the result of using pre-filled black market THC carts which contain an oil-like substance called vitamin E acetate. Never has this substance been used in eliquid vapes, and it never will be. Vaping in Canada is a fully regulated means of tobacco harm reduction and couldn't be further from the world of underground THC cartridges. Knee-jerk reaction bans on vaping products because of illicit THC use make as much sense as banning swimming in the lake because there was an algae bloom in your neighbor's pool. Don't let reactionary headlines lead you away from a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoke.

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