Minikin Reborn

$89.99 $129.99

Behold the Minikin Reborn, the newest embodiment of the Minikin Series. It takes the best features of each Minikin that came before it; the slim form factor of the Version 1, the touch-screen interface of the Version 2, and the redesigned door and magnetic frame of the Boost to celebrate the rebirth of the Minikin Line.

The Minikin Reborn is perfect for your daily vaping needs, using the brand new GX-168 chipset to take advantage of the new and improved OLED display to give you one of the most responsive and freshest touch-screens on the market while getting the most power out of your dual-18650 setup.

Our hyper power conservation technology extends your battery life by 20%, allowing you to use your mod just as long as a triple battery device. The Minikin Reborn takes proven features from our previous Minikin devices and combines them into a distinctive and exceptional mod that’s guaranteed to give you the best vaping experience for your value.

The Minikin Reborn has many features and modes to boast about such as how to unlock your device, multiple modes where in which you can select from, and even a puff limiter.

The ability to change how to unlock your device is amazingly convenient for users who want the ultimate protection or a simple way to unlock their device. There are 3 ways to unlock your device: Swipe the down to, click the fire button three times, or click the fire button 3 times plus swiping down.

Any Vaper can pick up the Minkin Reborn and feel at home due to the plethora of modes like Wattage mode, our game changing Curve mode, Temperature control, TFR, and TCR. We've included Soft, Normal, and Hard fire modes due to popular demands! Curve mode allows the user to set 5 different wattage over time presets which imitates temperature mode. For example you can set your watts to burst at 100 watts in the beginning for 1 second then level out to 75 watts for the rest of your puff! Utilize this wisely and you can save an unbelievable amount of battery life! Our temperature modes supports Nickel, SS316, SS317, and Titanium.


Product Specifications:

  • Powered by the GX-168-HT chip which boosts battery life
  • Requires 2x 18650 sized batteries (not included)
  • Accommodates Attys and tanks up to 24.5mm
  • UPDATE: Magnetic battery door
  • UPDATE: Enlarged OLED display
  • Maximum power output: 168.0 watts
  • Can be charged via an included micro USB